Signs mount that Huckabee won’t enter 2012 race

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Mike Huckabee is running out of time to make up his mind on a 2012 presidential campaign – and the evidence is mounting that he will ultimately forgo another run at the White House.

The former Arkansas governor would enter the race as a formidable contender: Gallup found this week that he is the potential presidential candidate about whom Republicans feel most positively. And a Gallup poll last month found that Huckabee is one of just three Republicans – the other two are Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin – who have double-digit support from GOP primary voters.

One might think that Huckabee, who says he will announce a decision over the summer, would look at these numbers and conclude that he should jump headfirst into the race. But while he’s openly discussing a possible run, he’s sending decidedly mixed signals.

For starters: While Romney, Tim Pawlenty and other likely candidates snap up key staffers ahead of announcing their runs, Huckabee has stayed on the sidelines even as his former staffers sign on with other candidates.

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