Study: Google’s Android faster than iPhone

Caitlin Emma Contributor
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Before you head out to buy an iPhone 4, you might want to consider this.

Canadian software company Blaze Software Inc. reports that Apple’s iPhone 4 worked slower loading websites 84 percent of the time than Google’s Android operating system.

Google’s Nexus S smartphone and the Apple iPhone 4 went head-to-head over the same Wi-Fi connection and Google’s Android operated an average of 52 percent faster after more than 45,000 page loads from 1,000 websites.

Users don’t notice the lapse in speed because websites often offer versions tailored to mobile phones, Blaze told Bloomberg. The difference between the operating systems is growing more apparent as people move toward tablet computers, however.

“It’s not that Apple doesn’t care about speed, but Google is fanatical about it,” Guy Podjarny, chief technology officer of Blaze, told Bloomberg.

Natalie Kerris, a spokeswoman for Apple, told Bloomberg that Apple regards the tests as flawed because Blaze used its own proprietary application that does not use Apple Safari browser’s Web-performance optimization.

“Despite this fundamental testing flaw they still only found an average of a second difference in loading Web pages,” Kerris said.