Fear not! President Obama’s NCAA bracket is on fire

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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Speaking from the India stop of her countries-that-start-with-the-letter-I-world-tour (she heads to Israel today), former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called on President Obama to be “more decisive and less dithering” in his foreign policy approach.

But there’s no way she could demand the same of the president’s decision making skills in that other bit of March madness, the men’s NCAA tournament.

Obama’s bracket picks have taken off like an inbound missile to Libya (post U.N. resolution of course) after he debuted them on ESPN during the untimely aftermath of Japan’s devastating nuclear megaquake tsunami.

As of Monday morning, Obama has correctly chosen 39 winners from 48 already completed games through the “Round of 16.”

ESPN.com has the president in the 99.9th percentile out of approximately 6 million submissions, a remarkable feat that would garner the envy of any college basketball fan.

The specifics of Obama’s bracket led some to question whether he was too “conservative” in his selections, choosing all number one seeded teams to make the “Final Four.”

But on this issue, acting as a conservative seems to have turned out pretty well thus far.

So while the world burns and critics tackle the president for “voting present” on everything from Japanese relief to Libyan engagement, it might come as some comfort that Obama pulls no punches when it comes to his sport’s acumen.

He knows how to pick ’em!