Pat Buchanan questions U.S. intervention in Libya: ‘This is an Arab crisis. Arabs are killing Arabs’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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While some are debating the legality of President Barack Obama’s Libya policy and others are questioning the rationale of the president’s military strategy in the country, MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan is wondering why the United States is traveling half-way around the world to play any role at all?

On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, network contributor Pat Buchanan questioned the basis of U.S. involvement in Libya and wondered why countries neighboring Libya don’t intervene instead?

“You’re dead right – [Sen. John] McCain and [Sen. Joe] Lieberman and the fellow from South Carolina [Sen. Lindsey Graham], they’re yelling about attacking this guy and that guy,” Buchanan said. “We have no right to do those attacks. But look – the Arab League has, so-called, authorized this. Why in the devil are the Egyptians who have 85 million people when Libya has got six? Why is their army not moving into Tobruk? Why is their army not moving into Benghazi?”

According to the former Republican presidential contender and senior adviser to former Presidents Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, if these nations would intervene, the crisis would end quickly.

“This is an Arab crisis. Arabs are killing Arabs,” Buchanan continued. “Why is the United States, all the way across the ocean, got to go in and stop Arabs from killing Arabs when they could have done that job themselves? The Egyptians and the other Arabs – there’s 35 million people in Algeria. There’s 10 million in Tunisia. All they got to do is send their army across the border, secure Benghazi and Tobruk in the east and the other cities in the west and this would be over. Why are we in there?”