Rand Paul may be considering a presidential run — but only if his father doesn’t

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul visited South Carolina on Monday. According to the Post and Courier, Paul’s visit to the key primary state could signal that the freshman senator is considering a presidential run in 2012.

“The only decision I’ve made is I won’t run against my dad,” Paul said while visiting the state. He added, “I want the Tea Party to have an influence over who the nominee is in 2012.”

Paul also commented on the American intervention in Libya, saying “I’m not sure we need to be involved in a third war.” He continued, “You should ask the question, ‘Is Libya a threat to our national security?'”

CBS News’ Political Hotsheet reported Tuesday an additional explanation on 2012 from a Paul advisor. The source said that a Rand Paul candidacy wouldn’t be “the most likely thing in the world, but he’s keeping it on the table,”

“His dad is likely to go ahead and do it,” the advisor said. “And if his dad doesn’t do it, it seems like there would be a dearth of candidates out there who are serious about taking on problems.”