Ron Paul believes Libya intervention an ‘impeachable’ offense

Steven Nelson Associate Editor
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Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul will be co-sponsoring an amendment announced Tuesday by Ohio Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich that would defund the American military intervention in Libya.

Kucinich suggested during a Saturday conference call with anti-war Democrats that he thought impeachment could also be considered for Obama’s “unconstitutional” actions in Libya.

Paul’s spokeswoman Rachel Mills confirmed to The Daily Caller via email that Paul shares Kucinich’s point of view on the severity of the constitutional breach. “Yes, he thinks it is an impeachable offense,” Mills wrote.

“The President committed the U.S. to military invention without consulting Congress, in clear subversion of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which gives only Congress the power to declare war,” Kucinich wrote in a Tuesday letter to colleagues.

Paul released a video last week decrying the intervention in Libya as unconstitutional and saying that “the American people should be yelling and screaming about what the president is doing.”

Kucinich’s amendment may be proposed during the next continuing resolution debate.