Another ‘Spider-Man’ cast member injured

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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Another day, another bit of bad news for Broadway’s, “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark.” Actress T.V. Carpio who plays the lead role of Arachne, suffered a neck injury onstage during a “battle scene” and will be out of the production for at least two weeks, The New York Times reports. Carpio was actually a replacement for the original actress cast in the role, Natalie Mendoza, who left the production last November after she was hit offstage by a heavy piece of rope and suffered a concussion. Thus far, there have been a total of five cast members who have suffered serious injuries during the production.

Carpio’s injury is the latest setback to befall the seemingly cursed musical. Two weeks ago, director Julie Taymor and coreographer Daniel Ezralow were replaced along with the majority of the creative team, who had worked on the musical since its inception in 2002. Their abrupt firing follows a series of extremely critical, almost vicious, reviews last February after one of the show’s preview performances. The New York Times panned the musical by calling it, “one of the worst shows in Broadway history.”

“Spider-Man” set the record as the most expensive production in Broadway history, with an estimated budget of $65 million. If and when the musical finally opens, it will have set another record for becoming the first musical with more than 100 preview performances. Despite its problems, the show still intrigues theatergoers, who are willing to pay upwards of $300 per ticket for a preview of the musical train-wreck. So far, the show has had more that 113 performances, most of which have been sold-out, but the production is still far from finished. “Spider-Man” is set to officially open on June 14, but don’t hold your breath; the date has been delayed six times.