Obamacare: Not working ‘for the people’

Rep. Paul Broun Contributor
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One year ago today, as President Barack Obama sat at his desk and signed into law the largest government takeover in American history, he said, “This is what change looks like. We proved that this government — a government of the people and by the people — still works for the people.”

On this same day last year, I distinctly remember the barrage of phone calls my office received from outraged constituents, the masses of people protesting in front of the U.S. Capitol, and the general feeling that radiated from the American people. They were furious. They didn’t want this kind of “change” one year ago, and they still don’t want it today. Even now, I don’t understand how President Obama perceived this blatant disregard for public opinion as a government in tune with the wants and needs of its people.

When unmasked, President Obama’s form of change is truly a financial monster. Obamacare bears a price tag of almost one trillion dollars — with some estimates upwards of two trillion. This has and will continue to drive up taxes for small businesses and hardworking families in Georgia and nationwide. In addition, many companies planning to expand with new investments and more employees are now forced to downsize their plans or scrap them altogether. The mandates and piles of new policies in Obamacare drain their resources and create an environment of uncertainty.

Due to massive tax hikes, new regulations, and oppressive mandates, between one and six million jobs will be destroyed. Small and large businesses alike cannot afford both their employees’ salaries and their new, costly health care programs. In fact, polls show that nearly 22 percent of small businesses are now planning to drop health care coverage in its entirety because Obamacare has backed them into such a tight spot. This bill is a business destroyer, and it will only get worse as the effects of Obamacare continue to wreak havoc on those who work hardest to keep our economy pumping.

If this is still a government that works for the people like President Obama said one year ago, then I urge this administration and Senate Democrats to give the people the change that they’re demanding today — which is to get rid of Obamacare. Recent polls show that two-thirds of Americans are pushing for the repeal of this bill. In the face of one of the most devastating economic emergencies since the Great Depression, let’s undo last year’s mistake — before Obamacare further destroys our nation’s budget, our prosperity, and most importantly — our liberty.

Rep. Paul C. Broun, M.D. represents Georgia’s 10th Congressional District.