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If Obama really was born in Kenya, right now we’d be talking about President Hillary Clinton

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That’s why I don’t put any stock in the Birther stuff. If it were true, wouldn’t Hillary’s people have dug it up and used it?

But at the same time, I’ve never understood why Birthers are equated with Truthers. Is it really so crazy to think that somebody might’ve been born outside the United States? Pretty sure it happens every day. Are we really equating a piece of paper from a hospital with a terrorist attack that killed 3,000 people?

That said, it sure is fun to watch Donald Trump say stuff like this on national TV:


Where did I put the Advil?

Putting aside the stupidity of Barbara Walters saying George Bush “left this mess,” referring to the deficit — which is a bit like saying Bush once lit a match, so it’s okay for Obama to burn down your house — this is a pretty remarkable moment. Trump can get away with saying this stuff, because what are you gonna do about it? I mean, the guy walks around looking like he just stuck his head in a microwave. He gave up caring what you think long, long ago. But what’s really revealing here is that not only is he not laughed off the stage, but he gets a couple of applause breaks for it. Hey, Barry, when you start to lose the hens who’ll actually sit through a taping of The View

Will anything ever come of it? I doubt it. But hey, at least it gives Whoopi Goldberg an excuse to loudly call people racists. When does that ever happen?

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