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Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Hulk Hogan does American Idol.

Steven Seagal raids a cock fight ring with a tank.  Really.

O’s manager Buck Showalter rips Derek Jeter.

LA Times’ op-ed on Rebecca Black’s YouTube sensation, “Friday”.

Carl Cannon wonders if the “youth vote” is the Dems secret weapon, 40 years in the making.

Rep. Connie Mack won’t run for senate in Florida.

Katie Couric to leave CBS News in June?

Fake Rahm Tweeter gets book deal.

Herman Cain video: ‘The water tastes the same.’

Westboro Baptist Church to picket Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral.

Memory champ Joshua Foer on why having a dirty mind can help you remember.

Philip Klein bids farewell to American Spectator.

Aaron Sorkin meets Liz Lemon.

Matt K. Lewis