Left-wing journalist Nir Rosen resigns LSE post after two days

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After just two days, left-wing journalist Nir Rosen has resigned from his position as a fellow at the London School of Economics.

Rosen announced on Friday that he would be taking a fellowship position at LSE’s Center for Global Governance, but today an LSE spokesman told The Jewish Chronicle, “Nir Rosen today resigned his temporary visiting fellowship at LSE—which was an unpaid position.”

In February, Rosen resigned from his position at New York University after tweeting several insensitive comments about the sexual assault of CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan in Egypt.

“Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson,” Rosen tweeted initially, referring to attacks on CNN’s Anderson Cooper, “where was her buddy McCrystal [sic].” Rosen was referring to former commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

“Jesus Christ,” Rosen continued via Twitter, “at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a war monger.”

After several more offensive tweets, Karen J. Greenberg, executive director at NYU’s Center on Law and Security, announced Rosen’s resignation from NYU. “I am deeply distressed by what he wrote about Ms. Logan and strongly denounce his comments,” Greenberg said. “They were cruel and insensitive and completely unacceptable.”

Rosen has expressed affection for the terrorist group Hezbollah and his Facebook page featured a photograph of a young boy, presumed to be his son, wearing a T-shirt with the Hezbollah logo on it, The Daily Caller previously documented.

“LSE had already made it clear it condemned the offensive comments he made about Lara Logan and others,” an LSE spokesman said.