Levin takes on Ron Paul supporters: ‘I promise you his followers are the biggest a-holes of them all’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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There’s no doubt that 2008 Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul of Texas has some dedicated followers, and they’re especially ambitious in using the Internet to spread their message.

But that isn’t necessarily appealing according to conservative talk host Mark Levin. On his Monday program, Levin said his staff has had some run-ins on his Facebook page and other social networking sites.

“Truth be told, I’m not the administrator of my social sites, but I back the administrator,” Levin said. “See, what happens folks is sometimes we get into these little discussions and the word goes out – flood the Facebook site or whatever – through bloggers, through people who think by this kind of mob mentality, they’re going to persuade people. They don’t persuade anybody of anything. They annoy people and so the administrator has to clean out a bunch of them, particularly when they get into their hate modes. They keep linking back to other sites, which are intending to increase the hits on those other sites.”

Those engaging in this “obnoxious” behavior tend to be the followers of Paul, according to Levin.

“And so we get into these debates on constitutional issues, on economics, on history,” he continued. “And that’s a good thing. But the Ron Paul people are the biggest a-holes of them all. Now some of you may be thinking about Ron Paul – I promise you his followers are the biggest a-holes of them all. Not necessarily because of what they believe, but the way they express themselves. They’re obnoxious. They’re like Marxists, really. The mob mentality, the language, true believers, and yet there is a lot that is sensible, particularly on the Rand Paul side of the family when it comes to the Constitution, and economics and so forth.”


Levin said it wasn’t all of his followers, but the ones that tend to be aggressive with their web behavior also dabble in other conspiratorial beliefs.

“When it comes to actually defending this nation, the effort to twist the Constitution so the Congress is some kind of parliamentary body and to pull a quote from this founder, that one — try and make your case, it’s almost childish, goofy,” he continued. “And then you get into the weeds and you got to pull back, look at the big picture. These are outliers. A lot of the people who follow him are truthers, conspiracy theorists behind 9/11. A lot of them are Israel and Jew haters, not all of them obviously. I’m not saying that, but you should see the stuff we had to pull off our sites, so I’m told. Again, I don’t want to accuse everyone of that. That would be ridiculous.”