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Lee Stranahan looks at Media Matters’ deceptive editing

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Every time James O’Keefe embarrasses another liberal institution by documenting their behavior, the left whines about how his videos are “deceptively edited.” It never gets them anywhere, but they keep whining because… well, what else are they going to do?

Now, here’s some actual deceptive editing:

This Sammon “exposé” of theirs is adorable. Soros is really getting his money’s worth. Hey, I heard Sean Hannity ordered a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, but then changed his order to ham & cheese. Run along and expose his lie, Media Matters!

P.S. I wonder, was this Sammon hatchet job done by the “Puppet Masters” or the “Ministry of Truth”?

P.P.S. Stranahan has more at his blog.

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