Where’s My Waiver?

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Conservative groups are encouraging individual Americans to request health care reform waivers from the Obama administration.

Wednesday, Let Freedom Ring, a conservative public policy organization, in coordination with groups such as Americans for Tax Reform, Heritage Action, and others launched the website WheresMYWaiver.com to allow individuals to easily submit waiver requests to the Department of Health and Human Services.

“With union workers comprising over 45% of waiver beneficiaries, it is quite ironic that the very same folks that fought for ObamaCare are now seeking to be exempt from it. If the law’s supporters are requesting and receiving waivers, the law’s opponents should be guaranteed waivers,” Let Freedom Ring president Colin Hannah said, noting that it is odd that only 11.9 percent of the population is unionized but a far greater percentage of waiver beneficiaries have been union members.

To date the administration has granted five states and 1,040 businesses waivers.

“In the land of equal protection under the law, every American deserves to be protected from ObamaCare’s harm or none should,” said Hannah. “The Obama Administration should immediately allow individuals to apply for waivers or get out of the waiver business entirely.”

The website alleges that the administration is playing favorites in their allocation of waivers.

“Sebelius case is not helped by the fact she refuses to send all relevant documents concerning the consideration of waivers applications to the several House committees that have requested them,” the site reads. “What does she have to hide?”

Let Freedom Ring expects tens of thousands to submit requests through their site.