New report: Princess-to-be Kate Middleton related to George Washington and Ellen DeGeneres

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With her upcoming wedding to Prince William, Kate Middleton will enter into England’s storied royal family. But a new report claims that she’s related to the man who wouldn’t be king: America’s own George Washington.

A new book published by the New England Historic Genealogy Society in Boston released the report, which also shows Middleton’s relation to comedian Ellen DeGeneres and Francis Scott Key, author of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

According to the book, Middleton is Washington’s eighth cousin once removed, and the 14th cousin twice removed of Degeneres. Is the founding father rolling over in his grave now that his descendant is marrying into the monarchy against which he so famously rebelled? Present-day Americans might be more welcoming to the report: Tom Champoux, the genealogical society’s marketing director, told E! News that “tens of thousands of everyday Americans” could be related to the future queen.

Middleton’s family tree apparently includes several families who colonized Virginia in the late 1600s, most of them becoming working class laborers.

The report also found a bit of incest among the young royals. It turns out that Middleton is also a 14th cousin once removed of her fiancé.