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David Letterman sure does miss the Bush administration

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Apparently Letterman’s writing staff ran out of Palin jokes last week, so they took aim at another target of his seething anger:

Halliburton! Ha ha ha ha ha! Cheney with a gun! ‘Cause remember? LOL! Gotta love that cutting-edge topical humor. I also liked the part where Cheney was wheezing for breath, because that’s what the New Tone is all about.

Letterman is catering to his audience: people who are old enough to remember The Mary Tyler Moore Show, hate Dick Cheney, and find humor in the physical suffering of people they despise. In other words, Mika Brzezinski. Apparently she was in hysterics over that comedic masterpiece throughout this morning’s show. It’s always a tricky thing, adjusting the dosage on your medication. Good luck, Mika.

P.S. Someone else who’s not afraid to have a good laugh at the thought of a hated enemy’s pain: the President of the United States of America.