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Hey, guess what? Obama’s running for reelection!


Well, I’m convinced. It’s a canny move, making an Obama campaign ad with almost no actual Obama. Why remind people that they don’t like him or his “accomplishments” very much? Ed from North Carolina has really pretty eyes. And look, it’s a church. This time things are gonna be different, America.

Obama 2012: Please Just Give Him a Chance.

P.S. Compare the “real” ad with this “fake” one:


P.P.S. Twitterites are coming up with their own #Obama2012Slogans. My favorite so far is one of Iowahawk’s: “Obama 2012: I Finally Got Some of That Experience You Were Bitching About.”

P.P.P.S. Jim Geraghty: “’There are so many things still on the table that need to be addressed,’ Gladys says, summing up the president’s record of accomplishment.”

P.P.P.P.S. Ace of Spades: “There are no concrete rationales offered for re-electing Obama. Nowhere here is mentioned health care — obliquely, by implication, sure, we can assume that ‘change’ means ObamaCare and a few other things, like a disastrously spastic foreign policy. But nowhere in this ad does Obama crow, as Reagan could in 1984, that things are better — because they’re not, of course. So the ad studiously avoids noting tangible, real ‘changes’ — few, if any, of them are good — and once again resorts to Obama’s preferred campaign mode of talking about foggy abstractions and vapid tribal enthusiasm.”