Obama 2012 campaign launches with web video, ‘It Begins With Us’

Vince Coglianese Editorial Director
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In his first official campaign move, President Obama has launched his 2012 reelection bid with a web video titled, “It Begins With Us.”

The clip starts off with a cast of Obama supporters reflecting on the 2008 race.

“Then we had an underdog senator,” says a woman identified as Katherine from Colorado. “Nobody thought that he had a chance. And now he’s the president.”

“I just saw the energy and hope that he had for this country,” adds Mike from New York. “Even though I couldn’t exactly vote at the time, I knew that someday I’d be able to help reelect him.”

Mike never explains what it means to not “exactly vote,” but others revive well-worn themes from the last campaign.  “I had this perception that politics was all show,” says Catherine from Colorado. “But politics is how we govern ourselves. That’s what politics is. And at the grassroots level, it’s individuals talking to other individuals and making a difference.”

The video launches just days after the National Republican Senatorial Committee took advantage of April Fool’s Day to release its own Obama 2012 parody video.