Obama’s Libya policy contributing to his Jimmy Carter ‘narrative’ says George Will

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Although plenty of comparisons have been made between Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter, the latest incursion into Libya hasn’t elicited many. In fact, the move has garnered praise from some neoconservatives.

Washington Post columnist George Will said on Sunday’s “Green Room” segment of ABC’s “This Week,” that Libya won’t be Obama’s Iraq, which took a toll on former President George W. Bush’s poll numbers.

“Libya will be far in the rear-view mirror by the time this happens,” Will said. “The danger is, however, that it will have contributed something to the narrative about the president.”

Will likened the current military exercise in North Africa to the 1980 Desert One operation, in which Carter attempted to end the Iranian Hostage Crisis with eight helicopters. It didn’t end well.

“That is – not that it will be his Iraq, but that it will be his Desert One,” he continued. “That is people will remember Jimmy Carter invaded a country twice the size of France with eight helicopters and that just sealed the perception of him as out of his depth.”