Tina and the Boss’s Wife

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Hot and hotta! Tina Browns’ Daily Beast hypes the Peking shmatte event of its co-owner’s wife. It seems the “party thrown by Diane Von Furstenberg’s DVF label” was “sumptuous” and “fabulous” and “bold.” Also “a celebration of East and West”! But then, the Beast also said that Hillary Clinton’s speech to its women’s conference was “electrifying.” … P.S.: Will Jane Harman, wife of Newsweek‘s other co-owner, demand equal puff? … P.P.S.: You know Newsweek writers and editors are holding their noses or pretending not to notice. And compromises must sometimes be made! But I don’t remember even the old Newsweek doing things this embarrassingly boss-serving. We are in Perelman/Premiere territory. …