Company discovers what might be this year’s most desired Christmas toy

Laura Donovan Contributor

Who needs an iPad 2 when you can have a rockin’ robot?

This seems to be the mindset of Wow! Stuff, a toy production company whose employees became entranced by a YouTube video of a dancing robot. He may not have hands to fist pump like “Jersey Shore” reality stars Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino or Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, but the bobbing bot can certainly do “the robot.”

Wow! Stuff believes the toy, which was engineered by scientists to assist therapists with improving the social development of autistic children, will be on everyone’s Christmas list come winter 2011.

As soon as Managing Director Richard North saw the jiving robot, he expressed confidence in the android’s commercial potential. Wow! Stuff is collaborating with the robot’s design company, BeatBots to come up with My Keepon, which will be a toy version of the current product.

According to the Telegraph, My Keepon busts a move to the sound of music and reacts to touch. It is also the product of a new “whoever, wherever” innovation strategy, North said.

“If you’re growing a business you can have a perception that all the ideas and wealth have to be generated internally. We’ve realized you have to look outside,” North said.

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