Four more years

Charlie Smith Contributor
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Ready for four more years? Didn’t think so. Neither am I.

That’s why I’ve teamed up with Kellen Giuda, formerly of the Tea Party Patriots, and John Hawkins of Right Wing News to launch RaisingRed.com. Go there and check it out. Give $50 and tell your friends. We believe it’s the only way we can stop Obama from getting re-elected.

In the last two years, President Obama has saddled my generation with trillions of dollars of debt. Democrats don’t even pretend anymore; they just keep spending. Social Security and Medicare are going bankrupt? Let’s toss on a $2 trillion health care entitlement! Trillion-dollar deficits? Stimulus all the way, baby! Millions unemployed? Let’s drop job-killing regulations on businesses across the country!

Like “Shoeless” Joe Jackson or LeBron James in Game 5, it’s unclear whether Obama is throwing the game on purpose, or if it just looks that way. Judging by his policies, you might be forgiven for believing the president wanted to cap our economy and trade all our jobs to China.

I’ve had enough of this big-government, left-wing agenda. I have plenty of debt from law school; I don’t need President Obama shoveling more on top of me. It’s no wonder binge drinking is now the number one sport in college, just take a look at the unemployment numbers for recent grads.

Thankfully, in 2010 the Tea Party gave the Republican Party a sorely overdue reality-check and some much-needed inspiration. The result was a historic repudiation of a sitting president’s agenda and a call for real reforms that will bring us back from the edge of bankruptcy. I don’t believe that wave has crested.

However, for those gains to matter, the Tea Party and Republicans need to capture the White House, and that means getting to work now.

President Obama is already corralling major donors into fundraising events by the hundreds with pledges to raise $375,000 each for two years. The only person denying that Obama’s campaign will raise over $1 billion is the president himself, who apparently can’t tell the difference between millions, billions, and trillions anyway. Let’s remember that he raised over $750 million in 2008, and that was without the Clinton money machine behind him and absent the power of the presidency.

So, what to do? At Raising Red, we have decided we can’t wait until August of 2012. The time to start building our response is now. Raising Red will raise money directly for the Republican nominee for president and hold it in escrow until after the primary. The candidates on the Republican side will build their campaigns, and over the next year they’ll duke it out for the chance to go toe-to-toe with Obama. Our job is to make sure whoever steps into the ring has every resource possible to fight back and save America.

It’s the only way we can assure our guys have a fighting chance against the Obama Money Machine. We have to show Obama that 2010 was no fluke; that we won’t be satisfied until spending is cut and Obamacare is repealed.

Or you can yell at the TV during the State of the Union. Four more years!

Charlie Smith is the former National Chairman for the College Republican National Committee, and has spoken at numerous conservative events such as CPAC. He was listed on CNN’s “Young People Who Rock” and in GQ’s “Who It Takes” for the 2008 election, and currently works at Zakhem Law, LLC in Denver specializing in election law, small business projects, and government affairs.