Holy Cow! German girl teaches bovine to jump fences, not moon

Laura Donovan Contributor
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Pampered American pets often think they’re humans. Luna the German cow thinks she’s a horse.

The Guardian reported Wednesday that Regina Mayer, a young woman from south Germany, is able ride her cow, Luna like a stallion.

Luna can even spring over hurdles as regular show jumpers do. But why would anyone train a bovine to emulate Black Beauty? Mayer’s parents wouldn’t allow her have a horse, so she had to put on her creativity helmet and come up with another furry friend that could serve a similar purpose.

Mayer may not be a cow tipper, but she could still be guilty of animal cruelty, according to the RSPCA.

“Regina’s cow looks quite docile,” a spokesperson said, adding that this is the first time in a decade that she’s encountered a show-jumping cow. “But we’d be worried about any potential damage to her udders. Riding a cow is definitely not something we’d recommend.”

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