If you’re really bored tonight, you can watch the budget fight until midnight!

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I, for one, am going to the newly opened Bojangles’ at Union Station, but if delicious fried chicken isn’t your thing, there’s plenty for you on the Hill.

Sen. Harry Reid will speak on the floor of the Senate at around 6 p.m. About what? Perhaps about his new plan to fund the government with the sheer power of his kvetching about Boehner.

After that, Rep. John Boehner and Reid will go to the White House to meet up with Obama and Biden at 8:45 p.m., where they will presumably discuss a new plan Boehner has put forward (yes, once again it is Boehner with the plan, not Reid) to temporarily fund the government for a week while funding the troops for the rest of the year. The meeting will take place when Obama gets back from spending a couple hours with Al Sharpton at a New York fundraiser. Before he left town, Obama spent three minutes on the phone with Boehner.

The problem with that solution is that Barack Obama said yesterday, in no uncertain terms, that he would not sign any more continuing resolutions unless a final agreement was on the table and the lawmakers only needed a couple days to deal with procedure. And, we all know the president’s word is his bond. I can’t imagine he would have made a bold and definitive pronouncement with no clear plan for making it happen.

If you haven’t had enough after all of that, tune into the House Budget Committee’s mark-up of Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, which will be going strong until midnight!