In farewell announcement, Beck admits dislike of conflict, says Fox gig not meant to be permanent

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Earlier on Wednesday, Glenn Beck’s website TheBlaze.com broke the news that Beck show would be eventually phased out of the Fox News Channel’s lineup.

On his Wednesday afternoon show, Beck explained to viewers the reason behind his departure and admitted some other things about the content of his character.

“I want to take a couple of minutes and address something personal between you and me,” Beck said. “This is something that, something that I have been thinking about for a very long time. When Fox was generous enough to offer me the time at 5:00, I originally didn’t take them up on it. I turned them down. One reason – I didn’t want to do this. I hated doing it at the other place. This place is sweet in comparison. But I also knew — believe it or not, anybody who knows me in my real life, as the wee little Erin will tell you, too – I avoid on confrontation like nobody’s business. That’s why I’m forced, but also I don’t like it. I don’t like conflict, but sometimes you have to stand.”

Beck’s ratings had come off their highs from 2009 and the Fox News host had come under fire from the likes of lefty outlet, particularly Media Matters. However, Beck explained the Fox News show was never meant to be permanent.

“I took the job two years ago because I thought I had something important to share,” he continued. “I really thought if i could prove my case that something wicked this way was coming, something in America was wrong, America would listen. And they have. I’m surprised at both the number that have and haven’t, even with all of the facts. When I took this job, I didn’t take it because it would be a career for me. Paul Revere did not get up on the horse and say, ‘I’m going to do this for the rest of my life.’ He didn’t do it. He got off the horse at some point and fought in the Revolution. And then he went back to silversmith-ing.”

He went on to explain he would still be appearing on Fox News.

“If you have watched this program, if you really, I ask you at times hear me,” he continued. “You know what I believe is coming. If you watch tonight’s show, I believe you know that I believe we’re heading into deep and treacherous waters. It bothers me to be entering this phase and feel as though you might say, ‘Wait, wait, wait, wait.’ I’ve been very clear with you. I played my cards face up. We will find each other. I’m developing other content for Fox – there’s specials and other things, on television and beyond. I will continue to tell the story and I’m going to be showing other ways for us to connect, but I have other things to do.”


He encouraged his audience to continue on with the message he has been offering since coming on-air on Fox News in early 2009.

“Not because it’s good or bad for business, but I think you out of all the people will truly get this,” Beck said. Our only business is business of freedom and country at this time. It’s why I told you about E4 at the beginning of the year, ‘Prepare to be a leader, educate yourself, be the mouthpiece. Never rely on anyone else to spoon-feed you.’ Now today, you have to carry more weight. You must know what you believe and be prepared to explain it to others. Fox is one of the only places you find truth. Spread the word. Stick together. And together we will do the right thing for our country, and for our world.”