TheDC Morning: Jesse Jackson to undergo evaluation after MSNBC appearance

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1.) The shutdown loometh — “What I’ve said to the speaker and what I’ve said to Harry Reid is because the machinery of the shutdown is necessarily starting to move, I expect an answer in the morning,” Pres. Obama told the press last night. It is now morning, and no deal has been brokered. Obama will skip his trip to Indianapolis, and 800,000 federal workers are preparing to hibernate, like an army of sad bears. Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill, “Boehner and Reid continue to argue over Republican demands that any deal include restrictions on abortion funding and environmental regulations,” reports the Washington Post. “Democrats oppose such restrictions. Privately, both sides acknowledge that these may turn out to be bargaining chips that the GOP will ultimately remove from a final agreement in exchange for deeper cuts or other concessions.” That the House will eventually trade in its policy riders like so many tickets at a Chuck E. Cheese isn’t exactly a secret. Less clear is how Boehner is going to sell a potential bait-and-switch to social conservatives, who haven’t been this excited since Tipper Gore tried to kill hip hop.

2.) Bachmann bashes policy riders — “
In an interview with CNN’s John King on Thursday night, Rep. Michele Bachmann called for what many Democrats have said they want: a ‘clean’ bill,” reports The Hill. “Well, my opinion is this: I think that we should have a clean bill that makes sure that the paycheck gets to the troops on time,” Bachmann said. “After all, now that President Obama has us engaged in a third war in Libya, I think it’s imperative that our troops not pay a price and none of the families back home should worry whether or not they’re getting a check.” The only question now is: How much are those riders worth in doll-hairs?

3.) Jesse Jackson does TV appearance after forgetting to take his meds — On Thursday’s “Martin Bashir” on MSNBC, The Rev. Jesse Jackson said the current budget battle was an extension of the American Civil War. “[T]his really is a Civil War fight,” Jackson said. “This is making the federal government dysfunctional on the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. These guys will support three wars. They’ll support tax dodgers. They’ll support the wealthiest Americans getting tax breaks. They want to cut into education and health care. This is an ideological battle.” Jackson, who hates Jews, threatened to castrate Obama, and almost won the Democratic nomination during the 80s when the entire party was apparently high on cocaine, added, “You have those who believe in states’ rights and those who believe in a more perfect union,” he said. “States’ rights are anti-civil rights, anti-workers’ right to bargain, anti-social justice, pro-rich and significantly insensitive to poor people — that was the great divide 150 years ago and it’s the great divide today in the ideological sense.”

4.) Will Obama escape the shutdown unscathed? — One of the many narratives being peddled by Democratic operatives is that Pres. Obama will emerge from even the worst shutdown completely unscathed. Why? Because he is doing nothing, and apparently that is exactly what the American people want! TheDC’s Alexis Levinson writes that it is not at all unusual for a shutdown president to emerge from D.C.’s uncollected piles of trash smelling like a rose. “In 1995, the week before the government shutdown on November 14, President Bill Clinton had a 52 percent approval rating. By the time the shutdown ended on January 6, he had dipped to 42 percent, but it was a transient affair, and two weeks later his number was back at 52.” Amazing!

5.) This is why D.C. residents can’t have nice things — “A group of Washington, D.C. residents say they plan to leave their trash in front of House Speaker John Boehner’s D.C. home in the event of a government shutdown,” reports The Daily Caller’s Alex Brown. The group’s Facebook page says “this is retribution for the loss of city services a shutdown would cause.” This is why people in D.C. can’t have nice things. When they’re not electing crooks to the highest office in D.C. (Marion Barry twice, and now Vince Gray), they’re responding to inconvenience with vandalism. Keep in mind, this is not the first time D.C. denizens have threatened Boehner. Several weeks ago, a group advocating D.C. sovereignty stood outside Boehner’s Capitol Hill basement apartment and shouted things.

6.) Poll: Americans feel sort of ‘meh’ about Obamacare — “Little has changed since President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law,” reports Kaiser Health News, whose recent polling suggests that “the public continues to report that they are confused about the law, say they don’t have enough information on how the law will affect them, and remain divided in their views of the law.” Other than that, they love it!

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