Harvey Hails Himself

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Dad of the Year: So far only 50% of Harvey Weinstein’s Daily Beast pieces have been plugs for his films.  The latest is a rare self-congratulatory moment!  … Weinstein hails himself for releasing a PG-13 version of King’s Speech. (“Sometimes I make decisions as the head of a company, but in this case I made the decision as a dad.”) [Doesn’t Arianna let her friends plug their projects?-ed. Arianna lets everybody plug their projects (as long as they don’t dis Van Jones). This is different–a special Friends of Tina service. You feel slightly unclean reading it, not knowing the various truth-shading stages of politics, self-promotion and press-agentry it’s been through.] … Why my judgment might be colored: I’ve been lied to by Weinstein’s people before. I guess dads sometimes have to do that! … P.S.: Tina tends to post these really embarrassing pieces on the weekend, so maybe she has some vestigial shame. Hope in a crazy world! … Oh, wait. Here’s a piece of gratuitous puff crap for the Weinstein Company’s new film Scream 4 in the actual printed Newsweek. Never mind. … Ron Perelman is looking like John Peter Zenger at this point. …