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It’s Monday, Monday, gotta get down on Monday

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Just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? And now that you’ve got that awful, awful song in your head again, watch as the leaders of tomorrow react to the vomitous horror of Rebecca Black:

“Does his mom know he’s doing that?”

Gives you hope for the future, doesn’t it? Even kids Rebecca Black’s age are repulsed by her moronic anti-music. The only ones who seem to like her are the kids who are getting bored with Sesame Street.

To her credit, Black realizes she’s famous because everyone is fasciated by her awfulness, and she’s willing to play along:

Friday Lyrics Analyzed with Rebecca Black from Rebecca Black

Way back in the old days before YouTube, it took decades for ridiculous celebrities — Robert Goulet, William Shatner, Leslie Nielsen, et al. — to catch on and laugh at themselves along with everyone else. “Wait, so now I’m cool because I’m uncool? Okay, whatever. Where’s my check?” Now the same process only takes a handful of Fridays. Bravo, Rebecca Black. Bravo.

Now please go away.

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