Politically motivated? Republicans banned from royal wedding street celebration

Laura Donovan Contributor
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A north London council has banned a street party for republicans who have no interest in celebrating the April 29 royal wedding, reports the Guardian.

Republic, an anti-monarchy pressure group, alleges that its application to close off and designate a street in Covent Garden for its gathering was denied by Camden council, which states that the organization failed to present a management plan and consult local residents.

Regardless, executive officer Graham Smith says he’ll take legal action against this “disgraceful” and “politically motivated” slight on his group.

“This is a disgraceful attack on the rights of republicans to make their voice heard and to hold a fun and peaceful event,” Smith said. “Camden council is allowing a few vocal residents and businesses to veto any event they do not support … (It) is seeking to silence and marginalize us without any legitimate reason.

“We can only assume this is a politically motivated ban and we will challenge it all the way,” Smith added.

It’s possible that Republic has some leverage from unlikely supporters. Prime Minister David Cameron told Sun readers on Monday that the wedding would give everybody an opportunity to come together and rejoice the fabulous aspects of England, “People who want to come together to celebrate with their neighbors should go ahead. We’ve done our bit by ripping up red tape.”

Judith Hackitt, the chair of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), urges others to petition those who tell them not to celebrate the Royal Wedding.

“I want to encourage people to challenge those who tell you something can’t be done for health and safety reasons – it’s too easy an excuse to trot out,” Hackitt said. “HSE encourages everyone who wants to throw a party to go right ahead. If someone tells you that you can’t have a get-together to mark the nuptials of Prince William and Kate, then challenge them. Health and safety is about looking out for any legitimate things that might spoil people’s fun on the day, not to stop people doing anything at all.”