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Today in the New Civility: Maddow & Maher share a chuckle over how much they hate Republicans

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If you disagree with Rachel “Don’t Call Me Dude” Maddow and Bill “Syphilitic Proboscis Monkey” Maher, then they hate you and they’re not shy about saying so:

I don’t know why Maddow gets demolished in the ratings night after night. I could listen to that voice for literally seconds at a time. Why aren’t you watching her show, America, even though she’s so much smarter than you? As for Maher, if I were him, I’d be bitter too that nobody wants to make DC Cab 2: Cabbin’ Fever. I would also be typing this from a tub full of RID.

(Hat tip: Newsbusters)

P.S. Justifiable public “investment”: Maher rips GOP for being anti-gang facial tattoo removal.