On ‘Manning Up’…

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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In her new book, “Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys,” author Kay Hymowitz argues that the societal shifts are changing the makeup of our society, giving rise to the “man-boy” phenomenon, perhaps best epitomized by modern stars like Seth Rogen.

Traditionally given a straightforward path towards the ultimate goal of supporting a wife and family, men are now seeing a shift in their roles. The imbalance of men’s supply and demand, along with the infinite choices available to freshly graduated twenty-somethings have led to the dreamy limbo of “pre-adulthood” reflected in job and relationship dabbling, which are continuing for record lengths of time.

(Apparently, because my office has a ping pong table in it, this book was especially targeted toward me!)

Hymowitz and I recently discussed the potentially harsh implications of these trends, their origins, and how our society is adapting to the quickly changing landscape of relationships, dating and settling down. Listen to our discussion here.  Or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

Matt K. Lewis