Trump to headline South Florida Tea Party Tax Day Rally

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Donald Trump will headline the South Florida Tea Party’s Tax Day Rally on Saturday in Boca Raton. Trump will share the bill with Florida Congressman Allen West.

“Our members are ecstatic,” said Everett Wilkinson of South Florida Tea Party. He explained that they had polled members on who they would most like to hear speak, and Trump was the resounding first choice.

“They feel that Donald Trump understands what’s going on with their country and is standing up and actually doing something about it,” he explained.

Does the double billing mean an endorsement is in the works? Wilkinson said he wasn’t sure.

“I can’t speak for Allen West,” he said. “I think Allen West and Trump share a lot of the same ideas, but I think it’s way too early – Trump is not an official candidate now. We’ll have to see going forward.”

Tea Party Fort Lauderdale, another Tea Party group in South Florida, approved of the choice.

“I think it’s a great idea that Trump’s speaking to the Tea Party,” said Danita Kilcullen, who said that Trump was certainly not unpopular within her Tea Party group.

“At least he’s bold, and he speaks out, and he’s willing to speak his peace, and he’s willing to take a beating for what he says from the other side,” she said. “He’s got guts.”

Trump owns a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida, and his longtime political confidant Roger Stone told The Daily Caller that Florida would be an essential part of the real estate mogul’s potential path to the Republican nomination.