A Taxpayer Can Dream: My Special Day with the IRS

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This Tax Day, show that special taxpayer in your life how much you appreciate him/her, because the IRS certainly won’t.

Send this video to the unappreciated taxpayers in your life on this stressful day. Because the only time you’ll get the royal treatment from the IRS is in your dreams. Enjoy!

Watch: A Taxpayer Can Dream
Mary Katharine Ham dreams about a day of fun with her friendly neighborhood IRS agents in this special Tax Day 2011 video.

Special thanks to Mike Riggs and Jeff Winkler for playing my favorite IRS agents and Kate Robards, our production assistant. As always, Sean Malone on the great directing and producing. No one was harmed in the clothes-lining of the taxpayer at the end of the video.

Mary Katharine Ham