George Will: Trump stands chance of making ‘a shambles’ of the Republican Party

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Since Donald Trump has been floating the idea of running for president, he’s had a meteoric rise in some polls, suggesting he is a legitimate threat to win the 2012 Republican nomination.

However, consider Washington Post columnist George Will unimpressed. In the online “Green Room” segment of Sunday’s “This Week” on ABC, Will explained that Trump was more important to the process than Obama administration ambassador Jon Huntsman – not because he’s a more effective candidate, but he stands to make the Republican Party look bad.

“Trump’s more important because he can make a shambles of the Republican debates,” Will said. “Just by being there, he can hurt the Republican Party. He is what is called a ‘blatherskite.’ That is a word my grandmother was fond of as someone who blathers promiscuously.”

Will also said he was skeptical of Trump’s policy positions – both social and economic.

“He’s had an epiphany now – he’s suddenly discovered at whatever age he is that he’s pro-life,” Will said. “Aside from that his campaign platform is to reduce standard of living, which is the clear and predictable consequence of a 25 percent tariff on all those goods we buy from China.”

Brookings Institution senior fellow Alice Rivlin said neither Huntsman nor Trump could beat Obama.

“I think either one would guarantee the election of Barack Obama,” she added.