‘Atlas Shrugged’ producer fires back at Roger Ebert; ‘left-leaning liberal critics’ who panned film

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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During a discussion on Monday, “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1” producer Harmon Kaslow fired back at movie critics who had panned the film.

Kaslow said the film is receiving standing ovations from audiences across the nation, but added, “The only people that have really attacked this film are the far left — and they are vicious.”

Responding to the bad  reviews which have plagued the film, Kaslow pushed back against “the left-leaning liberal critics who know nothing about the book,” saying:

If you go, for example, to Rotten Tomatoes, what you’ll see is I think they’ve listed either 15 out of 16, or a number somewhere in that range, of critical reviews. They somehow were only able to find ones that blasted the film. If you look on the other side of it, and look at the numbers of people who responded — who actually paid money, went and saw the film, who could judge the film for two things: its message and its cinematic value — They’re the ones that are saying it’s a must-see film that they thoroughly enjoyed.

Kaslow also pushed back against movie critic Roger Ebert, saying:

If you look at Ebert’s review, he basically admits upfront: ‘I haven’t read the book,’ and I think that he knows that if he attempted to attack the message, I mean he’d get skewered for his politics. So it’s almost as if he went into the theater knowing he wasn’t gonna like the film, and trying to figure out, ‘well how can I dissuade the populations from wanting to see the film?’

Its sort of ironic, we can always tell someone who’s reviewed the movie that attacks the dialogue, cause you go, well obviously this person didn’t read the book, because what’s dialogue right out of the book. What you’re saying is that this novel that’s been ranked as the second most influential novel behind the Bible, wasn’t very well-written. And so, you know, we get a chuckle out of it, we’re really not gonna engage in hand-to-hand combat with these people. Fans of the book are doing that for us, in the online space.

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