Emma, Emma Everywhere! [SLIDESHOW]

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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There are a plethora of Hollywood golden girls boasting the same name as the charming and iconic heroine in Jane Austen’s beloved novel, Emma. First there’s the adorable English star, Emma Watson, who recently celebrated her  21st birthday and will take her final bow as Hermione this June in the final installment of the Harry Potter series. Then there’s the newly-blond Emma Stone, who will star in not one, not two, but three movies this summer. And finally, there’s Julia Robert’s niece who boast her aunt’s iconic grin and is currently starring in the latest cult horror classic, “Scream 4.” With the constant media buzz surrounding these three rising “it” girls, Emma’s are captivating the headlines and stealing the Hollywood spotlight.

These actresses may share the same first name, but their range of styles and personalities make them distinctly unique. Through their varying ethnicity, hair color, and film roles, it’s relatively easy to differentiate between each Emma that sparkles in the spotlight. Like Jane Austen’s adored heroine, Emma Woodhouse, these 20-something young ladies are beautiful, high-spirited, intelligent, and continuously maturing right before our eyes. Take a look at the modern day stars who share the classic surname of a fictional heroine, an Academy Award winning actress, and a former Queen. TheDC chronicles the evolution of these A-list Emma’s.