Note to kausfiles stakeholders

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Note to kausfiles stakeholders: Thanks to the skill of crack techperson Steve of, I’ve recently acquired web powers not seen since the tragic Slate redesign of 2008. Specifically, I can now post lots of little items on the main kausfiles/Daily Caller landing page (also available at while featuring only the biggest draws, such as they are, on the Daily Caller home page.  This eliminates a big disincentive to frequent posting (not that I needed one). But it also means that if you want to read everything generated in my doomed attempt to emulate Instapundit, you have to go to that main kausfiles page.  You can’t rely on glancing at the DC home page: Just because the headlines in my home page box haven’t changed doesn’t mean there aren’t lots of fresh little items up. [Doesn’t mean there are-ed. Matt Welch, is that you?]

Mickey Kaus