Crazy about Kate [SLIDESHOW]

Alyssa Moody Contributor
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With the royal nuptials almost a week away, future princess Kate Middleton is currently the most buzzed about woman in the world. Her glamorous life and romance with the world’s most handsome prince may seem like a fairy tale, but a recent poll shows that the majority of British women don’t envy Kate’s enchanting lifestyle. According to Jezebel, a recent poll revealed that an overwhelming amount of Brits prefer their lives as ‘commoners’ because of the “inability to lead a normal life” as a distinguished royal. Additionally, the intense media scrutiny surrounding the soon-to-be-princess, from her wardrobe to her weight, is too extreme for most women to handle without going insane.

Regardless of whether or not you envy royal life, when Kate walks down the aisle at Westminster Abbey on April 29, the whole world will be watching, in awe of such splendor. Her job may not be the easiest, but it’s clear that Kate innately possesses the propriety, sophistication, beauty and charisma to wear the crown with grace. In honor of Kate’s happy ending, take a look at her beautiful journey from commoner to queen.