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Rachel Maddow is the top U.S. news anchor except for most of the other ones

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This just in: The Guardian doesn’t have editors.

Rachel Maddow: ‘I’m definitely not an autocutie’
The top US news anchor on why she prefers jokes to anger and why she is proud to be gay

It’s 10.05pm on a rainy Tuesday night in the MSNBC studio in the now famous New York address, 30 Rock, and Rachel Maddow – one of the highest profile news anchors in America and certainly one of the most popular with liberal viewers – has just finished another edition of her nightly eponymous prime-time show.

Instead of regurgitating the pervasive but ultimately low-impact tales that make up the menu of so much TV news coverage in America (Donald Trump, Tea Partyists, etc etc), Maddow focused on stories that both affect people and require hard-nosed reporting, such as how the Republican party is trying to make it harder for people to register to vote in the upcoming election, and why (hint: 68% of first time voters in the last election voted for Barack Obama.)

Yes, yes, evil Republicans, blah blah blah. I’m more interested in how Maddow suddenly became a “top anchor,” considering Hannity beats her night after night. Sure, she’s doing better than Piers Morgan, but is that really some sort of achievement?

And then there’s this:

Just the way Maddow looks – “like a 13 year old boy” is her favoured self-description – is inspirational to all women, gay or straight.

Which must be why her fans throw a fit when anybody else mentions it.

I can’t let a Maddow post go by without taking another look at my favorite commercial ever:

Disparate! Coherence! Rigor! Spreading papers all over the floor! Keep not watching, America.

P.S. Maddow also denies allegations that in the same article she implied Anderson Cooper is gay. Personally, I think that whole thing is a publicity ploy and he’s actually straight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

P.P.S. Oh, and “autocutie” is apparently British slang for an attractive person who reads an autocue, or what we call a teleprompter. So Maddow is saying she’s not attractive. Which is another thing it’s okay to say unless somebody else says it.