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Allen West to hecklers: ‘You’re not going to intimidate me’

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Last night Allen West was conducting a town hall event in Ft. Lauderdale, and a few of those in attendance gave us another good look at the New Civility:

It’s amusing that they chose to start screaming at him in the middle of his speech about how people have been trying to intimidate him. Way to prove his point, geniuses. But then, if they had any brains they wouldn’t be leftists.

As Matthew Boyle reports, the woman who was escorted out is someone named Nicole Sandler, who used to be a radio host for something called Air America. Neither name rings a bell.


Responding to the Post story but not the Manjarres video due to technical difficulties, Florida Democratic Party spokesman Eric Jotkoff told The Daily Caller that “Floridians are disappointed that Allen West refused to answer the hard questions from his constituents, who are clearly upset with his voting to end Medicare.”

“Once again tonight, we see that Allen West is completely out of touch with the people of South Florida, which is why they are going to send him into retirement in 2012,” Jotkoff said in an e-mail.

Note to Democratic Party spokesmen: You might not want to comment on video you haven’t seen. Makes it look like you endorse this sort of behavior. Unless that’s your intent?

By the way, could somebody please explain why these people aren’t racists?