Obama is a cynical president

Michael Hudome Republican Media Consultant
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If Barack Obama thinks his presidency exists in a world of carnival barkers and sideshows, he should look in the mirror.

That’s where he’ll see the ringleader.

In today’s press conference, President Obama once again demonstrated his mettle as the most cynical of American presidents.

The president skillfully and cynically used the birth certificate issue to attack the media and potential Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

He gets to play the victim while avoiding the serious issues of the day.

Of course, for the longest time, the White House simply made no serious effort to end the controversy and help the country focus on our problems.


The president is like a moth to flame when he sees a chance to deliver an attack-style campaign speech.

After all, it is how he burst onto the national scene, and why not go with the play you run the best?

When Obama had the opportunity to deliver a serious policy speech on the debt, he personally attacked Congressman Paul Ryan and offered no serious policy from his administration.

Cynical too.

Getting back to this week, serious economic issues and news and information continue to pour in.

For example, only a few hours after Obama’s political performance, the Federal Reserve cautioned about slow economic growth.

While gas prices rise, and we continue to be bogged down in ill-defined wars, the president is content to stay on the attack.

We can assume a serious focus from the White House on these issues can wait until after the election.

Worse than cynical, it’s downright irresponsible.

On issues of national security, Obama is more interested in building “coalitions” than in leading.

We can only suppose an explanation regarding his foreign policy doctrine can wait until after the election.

We can only expect more political speeches and attacks on political opponents directly from the podium with the presidential seal.

Republicans can take solace in the fact that the American people will grow tired of it.

The president is correct that we are living in serious times.

We deserve a serious president.

After performances like today’s are further along the way to getting one.

Michael J. Hudome is a Republican media consultant whose clients have included John McCain for President, all four national committees and several current and former members of the House and Senate.