Obama’s Alternate Immigration Universe

Mickey Kaus Columnist
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Let’s Pretend! Rosario Dawson, Eva Longoria and other  “stakeholdersinfluential Hispanics” were at the White House yesterday “in another behind-the-scenes effort to enlist support and build momentum” for President Obama’s “vision of immigration reform,” according to Jake Tapper.  Unless Obama knows something I don’t know about Republicans in Congress, these meetings have a near-pathological air of unreality about them, as if they were taking place in an alternative universe in which the 2010 election didn’t happen. [What do you want him to do, give up?–ed Be the guy who brings a bracing dose of reality. Tell them if they want amnesty, as he does, they’ll have to switch strategies and have a period of enforcement first. What if “influential Hispanics” don’t want enforcement?-ed  Tell them this attitude is “not an option if America is to win the future.” ] …

P.S.: As it is, Obama’s annoying Hispanics by using them as props in a “let’s pretend” game that continues deportations but will not produce amnesty, while his righteous, heavily euphemized support for that amnesty (“comprehensive immigration reform that both strengthens security at our borders while restoring accountability to the broken immigration system”) infuriates voters on the right. He’s found the “sour spot”!

Mickey Kaus