Palin on raising the debt ceiling: ‘Hells no!’

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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There are a lot of scary stories out there about what might happen if the federal government’s ability to borrow is shut off because it has reached the limits of the statutorily enacted debt ceiling. But former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin thinks those threats don’t measure compared to debt and deficit situation facing country.

In an interview Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Palin told host Bret Baier she wouldn’t support raising the debt ceiling.

“Hells no, I would not vote to increase the debt ceiling,” Palin said. “Otherwise it just shows the American people we’re not serious yet. We’re still going to incur more debt. And we don’t have to increase the debt ceiling in the next few weeks. It turns my stomach to hear the assumption articulated that we have to, despite the fact we’re raking in, the federal government, $6 billion a day. Take that money and service our debt first and pay down some of that debt. Make sure that we’re showing the international financial markets and our lenders that we’re serious about getting our debt and deficit problems under control.”

Palin suggested to her fellow Republicans considering such a vote to take into account where taxpayer dollars are being spent and to make the states take a leading role in their expenditures.

“I would say before you think about seriously voting to increase the debt limit and incur more unsustainable, immoral, unethical debt that is really going to ruin our country to continue down this path,” she said. “Prioritize, service the debt first and pay for the services that are constitutionally mandated. Let the state take care of a lot of the service and projects. If a state wants to do something a little special like extra roads, or extra museums and monuments and cowboy poetry, let that state figure out how they are going to pay for it.”

As for her presidential run in 2012, she said she remains undecided.

“I haven’t decided yet,” she said. “While I’m making up my mind still, Bret, I’m going to continue getting that message out there that smaller, smarter government is the only thing that is going to save this country’s economy.”