Potential Republican presidential candidate Trump drops f-bomb

Jeff Winkler Contributor
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The Republican presidential candidacy race just got vitriolic as (maybe!) candidate Donald Trump dropped the f-bomb at his most recent public engagement.

A day after taking credit for forcing President Obama to release his long-form birth certificate, Trump was discussing some of his other favorite (possible) campaign issues like OPEC’s hold of power and uppity foreign terrorists.

“They [OPEC] want to go in and raise the price of oil because we have nobody in Washington that sits back and says you’re not going to raise that fucking price, you understand me?” Trump said.

He later continued his spirited speech saying, “We build a school, we build a road. They blow up the road. They blow up the school. We build another school, we build another road, they blow them up …We build again, in the meantime we can’t get a fucking school built in Brooklyn.”

Trump, who has previous said he would talk tough with China, upped his own ante, giving the crowd a preview of his conversation with Chinese officials: “Listen you motherf****s, we’re going to tax you 25 percent.”

The man current leading the polls as a Republican contender was in Las Vegas speaking before, of all things, conservative women’s groups. The public forum is the second for Trump since he first indicated that he is considering running as a potential GOP candidate. He is set to make an appearance May 11 in New Hampshire and has said he will announce his intention to run (or not run, whatever the case may be) “before June.”

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