Daniels on bin Laden capture, chances of a 2012 run, and why he’s not attending Thursday’s debate

Alexis Levinson Political Reporter
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Indiana Governor and potential 2012 candidate Mitch Daniels weighed in on the capture of Osama bin Laden today on Fox and Friends, giving thanks to the troops, and Presidents Bush and Obama.

Daniels said he felt “immense pride and gratitude for the people who did this, starting with the president – both presidents that had a role.”

He said he thought it was fair to give Bush credit, given that “the capabilities, the special forces, the intelligence involved here were beefed up on his watch.” But, he added, “I think both presidents would be very quick to give primary credit to our military and our intelligence people – folks did the real work.”

Daniels cautioned that bin Laden’s capture should not be “overread.”

“This is a huge moment,” he said, “a symbolic victory. But the struggle is not over and won’t be for a long time.”

Asked whether or not he wanted to run for President, Daniels jokingly declined to announce his plans.

“Would I like to? No. What insane person would like to?” he said.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” he continued, but added, “…I’ve agreed at the behest of a lot of people to give it some thought.”

He added that he would not be at the debate. “That’s for people who have made up their mind.”

Daniels has said he would make a decision about entering the race following the end of the Indiana legislative session, which came to a close on Friday. He is spending the earlier part of this week traveling the east coast; he received an award from Columbia business school Monday, will receive an award from the Harbour League in Baltimore on Tuesday, and deliver a speech on education in Washington, DC on Wednesday.