Pakistan’s motto: What happens in Pakistan stays in Pakistan

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Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals and dumped into the sea New Jersey Mafia-style. So we can say that he was taken out by seals and now sleeps with the fishes. Perfect.

Obama, who spends much of his time vilifying high achievers, should be proud of this elite force on which we call when we need a job done right.

It was a good thing they got Osama. It was getting harder to translate the audio tapes he distributed. Ever since the “Cash for Clunkers” program, it has been tough to find a car with an eight-track tape player.

“Usama” bin Laden (he changes his name more often than P-Diddy) was finally shot after being identified living large in the suburbs of Islamabad for more than four years. Living in the ‘burbs, attracted by lower taxes, less crime and good schools, bin Laden was heard to say, “I like it out here; there’s less Shiites to put up with.” I am told, however, that he went into the city on occasion for a nice meal and to see some shows.

In 2006 he built a walled-in, $1 million house. It wasn’t at all conspicuous, since comps in the neighborhood ranged from mostly $2,000 homes with one-camel garages to some fixer-up tents. Yet we got him. But, like many Americans, buying a big house at the top of the market might have eventually killed him.

Among other lessons learned, we need to rethink giving $3.4 billion a year to slippery and untrustworthy governments like Pakistan’s.

Osama’s crib was less than a mile from Pakistan’s equivalent of West Point. He was protected by Pakistani officials for the same reason Elvis was protected by the Memphis police: he was a celeb and a big tipper.

What is more interesting to me is how purely political Obama and the left are when it comes to an event like this. Senator Obama, who said it was “immoral to raise the debt ceiling,” opposed every effort by the Bush administration to fight terror. When they gathered human intelligence and detained suspected enemy combatants at Gitmo, our forces were even called “terrorists” and “rapists” by some in his party.

So the Obama doctrine must be, as far as I can tell, that it is OK to bust into a terrorist’s home and kill him, but we just cannot waterboard him to get information that can avert future attacks. Interesting how the logic works. It is the same logic applied to being pro-abortion and anti-death penalty, or vice versa for the GOP.

Like the few wealthy Democrats, Osama did not make his own money. He inherited $80 million from his successful dad and then went on to use it to pursue ideology. He got money he did not earn and spread radical jihad like Paris Hilton took her inheritance and spread STDs. Examples like bin Laden are why I so value self-made people.

Rounding out his silver-spoon street cred, Osama’s latest theme was that the U.S. is not “green” enough and we caused global warming. Like many stars, bin Laden tried to burnish his green image through his publicist, Bernie Schwartz. Due to his untimely death, bin Laden was unable to implement his plan that all suicide bombers who drive a car into a crowded village to kill innocent people should do so with an environmentally friendly Chevy Volt. If he thought it was hot on earth because of global warming, he must really think it is hot where he is now.

Obama was smart to order bin Laden buried at sea so as not to let him become a martyr. Obama also averted further Jimmy Carter comparisons by not meddling with special ops in a Mid-Eastern commando mission. That is why he waited so long; the government has had this intel since last year. We are also nearer to the 2012 elections now. But give President Obama credit for doing what Candidate Obama ran against.

Kudos to our brave troops and Navy Seals for a job well done. Now let’s bring our troops home and let the drones and commandos go in on the rare occasions we need them to take out a target. We have accomplished our mission and we cannot afford to occupy these countries any longer.

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