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Ever wonder, ‘Hey, what if George Bush was fat?’

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Will Ferrell is all over it.

That’s some good stuff. Easily Ferrell’s best work since Semi-Pro.

Amazing: All it took was one dead terrorist to make the left flipflop from “George Bush is evil for waterboarding KSM!” to “George Bush had nothing to do with getting Bin Laden!” For more on this fascinating phenomenon, see Dan McLaughlin: Inconvenient Facts About The Takedown of Osama bin Laden.

Remember: If you waterboard a terrorist and he doesn’t instantly scream, “Osama Bin Laden lives at 1313 Durkadurka Drive, Abbottabad, Pakistan!”, it doesn’t count. Man, and they say conservatives watch too much 24

P.S. Earlier I gave Nancy Pelosi a smack in the Botox-holder, but I have to give her credit: Pelosi thanks President Bush for his role in bin Laden’s demise. Well done.