‘Something Borrowed’ characters unlikable

Laura Donovan Contributor

Weddings are clogging the cinema calendar these days with invitations coming in for Jumping the Broom, Bridesmaids, Love, Wedding, Marriage and Something Borrowed. What these films also share in common is a comic ineptitude that makes you wish for Divorce American Style. But one invitation at a time since Something Borrowed is the clichéd, predictable and exasperating movie under review here. The problem with this one is that of forcing rote characters into tired formulas that call to the mind the worst sort of TV sitcoms. All that’s missing is a laugh track.

Something Borrowed doesn’t so much borrow from other movies as settle into a comfort zone of raising provocative questions regarding love, commitment and marriage only to dismiss them with a brush of a hand as so much dandruff. Box office will reflect audiences’ willingness to tolerate such laziness.

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