Gutfeld: White House declining to release photos demonstrates Islamophobia

Jeff Poor Media Reporter
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Is the Obama White House being hypocritical by declining to release photographic evidence of Osama bin Laden’s killing, citing concerns about the Muslim world’s reaction?

On his Thursday morning broadcast on the Fox News Channel, “Red Eye” host Greg Gutfeld questioned President Barack Obama’s reasoning during his “Gregalogue” segment – saying that same logic could be applied to doing almost anything.

“I get it,” he said. “The decision was based on placating extremists instead of conspiracy freaks. I get it. Terrorists are scarier than truthers, but it is wrong. The argument that the photo would piss off people who might then try to kill Americans bugs me. I mean, you could use the same argument for stopping all human activity, including killing bin Laden. I’m sure that pissed off extremists, as does our friendship with Israel, our love for dogs and music by the Black Eyed Peas.”

Noting White House Press Secretary Tim Carney’s explanation, Gutfeld questioned why such a mindset doesn’t constitute Islamophobia – a fear of Muslims, or how they might react — especially given this is an administration that has preached against such fear.

“So, how will not releasing the photo affect conspiracy nuts?” he continued. “Carney said they’re going to think that way no matter how much evidence you give them. The photos won’t make any difference. But that same conclusion applies to extremists. Photos won’t matter to them either because they hate us already. So I’m thinking there’s some Islamophobia hiding in this decision, a fear of Muslims or rather a fear of offending them. But it is a mistake to conflate reasonable Muslims with radicals who want to kill us — an error mind you that is often blamed on the right, but here it is at the White House.”

The “Red Eye” host added that not releasing any photos offers a reverence to bin Laden that elevates him to a Muslim leader.

“Carney said bin Laden was a mass murderer and not a Muslim leader, but this decision today seems to say otherwise,” he continued. “By the way, I have no doubt we got bin Laden, but I just want our enemies to know we did too. Basically the picture is the price tag.”