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What’s more fun than lecturing people about ‘spiking the football’ over killing Osama Bin Laden?

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Actually spiking the football over killing Osama Bin Laden!

I know you hate to leave my blog, but do me a favor and type http://gutsycall.com into your browser right now. I’ll wait.

[Hums softly, taps fingers on trackpad]

Oh, you’re back. I know, right? That URL redirects to the Obama for America site. I don’t know if the campaign bought that URL or some other Obama fan did. Either way, it must be geared toward anybody who says, “Boy, Obama sure did make a gutsy call, killing the biggest terrorist in the world who we all wanted to see dead. Who else could’ve made a call that gutsy? Say, I wonder if there’s a gutsycall.com? I’ll find out now.”

These domains must’ve been taken: